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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Batsmen with more than 9000 runs

Thanks to the information available on Cricinfo website and Google's gadgets, I could create a gadget that shows the way each of the Great batsmen reached 9000 runs and beyond. Finally, there is just one person who stays on the chart - no points for guessing who - SACHIN TENDULKAR!!!

Feel free to try out various options on the chart and see how the comparison works.

The best way is to see the #Innings, Alphabetic order of batsmen, Average on each of the three axis - this is a good way to see who was faster to the milestones.

Updated the chart for players till matches held until 10th August 2010


SS said...

Wow! Nice work.

Just to clarify (since I had trouble in sorting it out) - your suggested viewing was #Innings on Y-axis, Aphabetic-order on X-axis and size of dots representing averages. Then using the slider manually set to 5k runs, 6k runs etc. - we can see who took least number of innings (lower the better).

Can you also post another one using #Innings as the time-scale (instead of total-runs as in currently set). Then total-runs or avg can be seen as innings proceed - e.g. at 100 innings (i.e. same stage in career) how much each had scored & what was their average.

Thnx again for some kool visualization!

madhugr said...

Thanks for your comment. I have updated the chart to show the size by the number of centuries of each batsman.

Peter Thomas said...

great visualization !