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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rotation Rate is as important as Strike Rate

Rotation Rate - What is rotation rate? Just like strike-rate determines the runs scored by a batsman in 100 balls, Rotation-rate is one which we will try to determine the rate a batsman scores runs (other than boundaries) in an innings.

Hence, I tried taking the latest India-South Africa series as an example. The runs scored in the series are showed here. Thanks to Cricinfo, information about the number of fours and sixes are mentioned as well. The process followed is given below:
  • Count the runs scored in boundaries and deduct them from the total runs scored - this will give the runs scored in 1's, 2's and 3's (& maybe 5's).
  • Deduct the number of boundaries scored (number of fours + number of sixes) from the number of balls faced by a batsman - this will give the balls faced by the batsman where he has ntot scored a boundary
  • Dividing the runs scored (other than by boundary hits) by the balls faced (when a boundary was not hit) gives the rotation rate
  • The last column shows the difference between the Strike Rate and Rotation Rate

Quite interesting revelations here
  • Yusuf Pathan has the highest difference between the two rates. Not surprising given that he scores many runs in boundary hits
  • JP Duminy and MS Dhoni have similar rates - again knowing their game, it is another evidence to show they are well-equipped in the ODI format
  • Amla also scores many boundaries and thus his difference is high as well

This is one factor that the Indians need to take care - along with the boundaries, they will have to rotate the strike and keep the score-card moving. This will make good totals great and increase their chances of winning.

Do let me know your thoughts on this - do you think this is a good stat to look at?
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1 comment:

biswajit agarwal said...

good thought.. i always thought Indians are lacking the rotation rate but dont have any concrete calculation for the same. thanks for the calculation.