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Monday, August 08, 2005

Srilanka at Home

How easy is it to beat SL at home?

Look at the stats -

In the 90s, they won 71% of the matches played at home.

In the 2000s, its even better, they won 80% of the matches played at home.

This means that they are really LIONS at home!!!

India have a great task at hand to defeat the Lankans - they must look at the last win against SL during their last visit in 2004 for inspiration.

Out of the 10 matches they have lost, 8 have been lost when SL have played second. This means that whenever they have played first, except for 2 occasions, they have always won.

Did they win the toss and always win the match? No. They have lost on 5 occasions - 2 of them when they played first and the other 3 when they played second. This means that the Lankans invariably will want to bat first on winning the toss and that is more or less, 80% of the task done for them. All that they have to then do is to put up a good score and defending this score is a very easy job (as can be seen in the records) for them.

So, TOSS is the biggest FACTOR in the IOC Final. Rahul has been winning all his tosses in the tournament. Hope his luck continues in the final also!!!

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