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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lalit Modi on IPL

After Commercialization of IPL2, Lalit Modi has already started looking further. He wants to have 2 IPLs in a year - is this similar to the 'Golden Goose' story?

Already, I am not sure if the ICC T20 World Cup in UK will find any viewers? The viewers, just like the players will suffer from T20 fatigue.

Moving to newer venues is a good idea but not playing 2 tournaments in a year without the sanction of ICC. Who knows? Lalit Modi might promise ICC a revenue stream from each IPL so that they will provide a 'Window' to the IPL. Very likely.

Then, as Chris Gayle has predicted, test match will die a slow death - though cricket-lovers like me will not like it one bit.
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