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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

World Cup post IPL2

The ICC Twenty20 World Cup begins in the next 10 days (June 5th to be precise). Will it be a hit with the paying public? Will the viewers find it really attractive to watch? Questions that will have answers very soon.

Like my friend Nik mentioned, the plus point with the IPL2 was the fact that the teams contained players from various countries (maximum of four), which made the playing field more level. Compared to the current scenario where the top four teams can be considered as Australia, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka; the IPL2 was so much more close. Even a team like Kolkata Knight Riders (which eventually finished last) could beat a top team like Chennai, provided their team got their act right.

(-) Will I watch India play Bangladesh? Yes. Will I stay late to watch it? Probably not. That is what I am trying to put across - the matches in the World Cup will become interesting only during the last stages of the tournament - many matches will be inconsequential (more to promote countries).

(+) Of course, the format itself brings the surprise factor to the game. One individual performance can swing the fortunes of the match but that is probably more predictable in the World Cup, compared to the IPL2.

(+) With India being the defending champions, there is the additional factor to watch the team defend successfully.

Overall, I feel that I will watch the matches with same fervor (maybe not all matches but at least the ones that have India as one of the two teams). But, going forward, the ICC has to give a consulting assignment to Lalit Modi to make the T20 World Cup format more attractive to viewers.
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