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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Super Eights at the World Cup T20

The ICC T20 World Cup has gone to the next stage where most of the lightweights (along with 2 heavyweights - Australia, Bangladesh) have moved out. Now, matches will be much more tighter and finishes will be closer.

The two groups are a bit lop-sided, thanks to the upsets in the First Round of matches.

Group E contains four teams, who have equal chances to go to the semi-finals in this format especially. My favorites are South Africa and India. West Indies are erratic and England still new to the format, will not be able to go through.

Group F is not so tight - Ireland is the weakling here. Sri Lanka and New Zealand will be the favorites. Pakistan is also too erratic to make any impact.

Again, the format makes it very difficult to give the exact teams - but, these four teams definitely are in the forefront, as per my predictions.

Wait and Watch!!!
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