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Friday, November 13, 2009

Sachin after 20 years

Sachin Tendulkar after 20 years in the international arena, is at a stage of his career where he does not have to prove anything. His career has to be celebrated in a way his rivals feel proud of. From the time he stepped on the ground as a 16-year old to this moment, he has been a picture of great dignity. There is nothing for him to do anything more on the field - a World Cup win, yes. But, obviously, he needs help from the other 10 players also.

There are various tributes that are being done across the country - I have done my tribute in a way I feel appropriate.

The Best 5 knocks in test matches and ODIs have been identified accompanied by links, pictures and videos wherever available.

Test Matches

Youtube Playlist - Very interesting to see that except one match in my Top 5, all matches have resulted in a loss or a drawn match.


Youtube Playlist

Suggest that all of you also share your best knocks and let me know your thoughts so that I can update the list.

Let us enjoy the 20 years of the legend.

PS - If there are any issues, please drop in a mail at madhusudan.gr at gmail.com
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