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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Birthday boy Yuvraj takes India home at Mohali T20

Yuvraj Singh at Adelaide OvalImage via Wikipedia
India seems to be continuing their form from their previous match, both in the bowling and fielding areas. The match started off in the same way as Nagpur - wayward bowling, fours and sixes aplenty in the first 10 overs. The run-rate hardly came below 11-12 runs per over for Sri Lanka - thus was their dominance. Sangakkara, again, showed their worth with shots that were classy as well as effective.

Was it the lights that caused the catches to be dropped? Or was it the innovative methods of Young that they are not able to pick up (are they not picking his accent)? Whatever the reason maybe, there were far too many of them dropped. Coupled with the number of wides that were bowled by the bowlers, the Indians had no means to stop the marauding Lankans. Somehow, the Indians seem to have totally missed the plot in T20s, in the bowling & fielding division at least.

The Indian openers came out in a determined fashion to take risks and keep the run-rate going towards the required run-rate. The running was haywire while the shots did not come off Gambhir's middle of the bat. Sehwag, however, did well and scored the big shots to keep the scorecard ticking. Fifty partnerships for the first two wickets set up the chase very well.

In came Yuvraj, at the fall of Sehwag's wicket. He put on 80 runs with MS Dhoni in less than 6 overs with his typical shots - bent knee and lofted shots in the V (mostly sixes). The Sri Lankan fielders had no respite - even they followed the Indians by dropping many chances. I feel that it is the wind or the lights or the slippery surface within the ground that made them drop the catches. MSD got out during the last mile of the chase but the matter was just a formality by then. Couple of wickets fell at the end but not impacting the final result.

The series was squared with a convincing batting performance but the bowling/fielding of the Indians left a lot to be desired.

The R-B dashboard is given below

The Dashboard shows how the difference was brought down by the brilliant batting of the first 4 batsmen.

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