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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Evolution of Sehwag

While watching the latest Sehwag-show, there was a doubt in my mind about his evolution as a batsman. He seemed to be a more well-rounded batsman compared to the other big knocks he had played before. Hence, this analysis is based on the wagon-wheels of the 4 big knocks that Sehwag has played in his test career.

Sehwag Wagon Wheels

The wagon-wheels show how Sehwag has evolved in the last 5 years. The knock in Multan shows the areas behind cover and square-leg as his prefered routes. The V in front of the wicket seems to be in minority. The off-side is the one where Sehwag showed his complete range of strokes starting from the cut over thirdman and his square drives. The leg-side sixes are the ones which he made of Saqlain (most remarkable being the one to get to his 300).

The next innings in Lahore also follows the same pattern where the favorite strokes are the cuts and cover-drives. The Pakistan bowlers had not studied the previous Multan innings - for they repeated the same mistakes and bowled to the areas that Sehwag likes a lot.

The Chennai innings was quite instrumental in reviving the image of Sehwag as a dashing batsman in his own right. This followed a phase where the bowlers all over the world had a plan on how to strangle him with balls angled to his body. Sehwag was dropped from the test side and went back to the drawing board with his long-time coach. There the transition happened and Sehwag was ready with a plan. The off-side is still prefered but the on-side strokes started to appear on the wagon-wheels against the pace bowlers also. This innings was played against Ntini, Steyn, Kallis.

The latest one against SriLanka in Mumbai shows that he has indeed become an all-round player. The strokes show a beautiful balance on either side. The leg-side strokes are the ones he has picked up recently - in fact, he played this in the IPL matches to great success.

Bowlers all round the world beware!!! 
Start making new plans for the Delhi Dasher. 
Your earlier plans have to be replaced.
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