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Monday, December 07, 2009

ICC Test Rankings - A Review

An interesting document on the ICC Rankings in retrospective on howstat site - shows that India would have been No.1 earlier also !!!

There have been many discussions on whether India deserved to be No.1. There are various articles explaining the small steps taken, the road to the pinnacle and opinions from ex-cricketers. It is a sad fact that the Indians would not play test cricket for a long time.

I thought that I would do an analysis of the situation in test matches - the table below shows the results of tests played between all the test-playing nations (Zimbabwe for obvious reasons are not considered).

The chart below shows interesting results. Each row shows the record of teams played by the ones in the different columns in the country (in 1st column for the relevant row).  For example, the first row shows the results of series of South Africa in India, Australia, England, and so on. The corresponding column for South Africa (4th column) shows the performance in other countries (like Australia, India, England and so on).

Overseas tours
  • South Africa have lost only in Sri Lanka whereas they have drawn series in India and New Zealand. 
  • Australia have lost to India, England
  • India have lost to Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan
  • England have lost to India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and West Indies
  • Sri Lanka have lost to India, Australia, South Africa & drawn with England
Home series

  • South Africa have lost only to Australia and England
  • Australia recently lost to South Africa
  • India have drawn series against South Africa and New Zealand, lost to none
  • England have lost to South Africa and India.
  • Sri Lanka have lost to Australia only
Overall, it is a confusing scenario and obviously ICC has thought about it with the number of points. Some of the series have been played so long back that it does not justify the result currently like for example, India and New Zealand at home is a drawn series.

Based on the performance, I would say that India does justify the No.1 status.
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