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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bangladesh Zakked by India

Bangladesh, as expected, lost the 2nd test match against Bangladesh today - no surprises but that was not visible in the first hour. The overnight batsmen were playing comfortably and it looked like the lead would be erased quite easily.

Enter Zak or Zaheer Khan, as he is known in the team. He continued his intensity, as he showed last evening. Balls were moving around at a pace that the hosts could not cope up with. All varieties - round-the-wicket balls to the batsmen that moved away after pitching, balls from wide of the crease that hit the stumps, everything. Reverse-swing at his best - one that could be seen by any learner.

So, India start their journey back - a week's rest before they take the No.2, South Africa. What have they gained? Not much except their bowlers return to form (Ishant in particular) and their batsmen's continuous performance. The injuries will make them worry - couple of more days will reveal the actual status.

Bangladesh - as I mentioned repeatedly here - have a long way to go. They have the potential but do not seem to have the patience to play a long innings. The team has players who scored centuries and fifties in the series but none more than one batsmen in one innings - collectively, they never clicked. Lesser said about the bowlers, the better. As Sehwag mentioned, they really cannot take 20 wickets - let us face it. It is true and one has to respect it. They came close in the first innings of the Chittagong test but that was it.

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