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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

IPL - feedback

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The twitterverse throws up very interesting feedback on what people think about IPL - some selections provided below:
  • anishmohan If #IPL can make more money by joining hands with bookies, they definitely need 2 do that
  •  shripalgandhi made enquiries for #ipl3 tkts...east/west stands priced @ 500 and 1000. those seats suck! better ones priced at @ 3k and 5k! too expensive! 
  • good one for a change - nithin1989 waiting for ipl3....atleast time we ll b out of boredom...
What this says is very clear - IPL as a concept is no doubt the winner all over the cricketing globe but everyone is sick and tired of the business model. Of course, everyone wants to make money but Mr.Modi, spare a thought for the viewers also - if you change your attitude, there will be more fans to the IPL. 

Thanks everyone - I will continue this trend on including your tweets in my blog. If you do not like it, please let me know.
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