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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lalit Modi - the next Ecclestone

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Lalit Modi - the name is worth millions, no billions in the cricketing world. Not just for him, but for the rich BCCI. Today's outcome of the selection of additional 2 teams was no different - $703 million for 2 teams - could anyone have predicted this? Especially after the way the previous auction was terminated.

The IPL has become a brand that was evaluated at more than $4 Billion last year - this year, the number is set to grow exponentially.All this has been the brain-child of Lalit Modi who holds an iron hand in all decisions regarding the IPL as well as the Champions League. Who would have predicted that the game would prosper in such a way that it will become every marketing guys' envy.

Of course, there have been various turns and twists in the story so far but this man cannot be out of action - as the saying goes, you like him or hate him, you cannot ignore him at any cost. Just have a look at his introductions to the IPL brand this year:
  • Tie-up with Youtube to broadcast the IPL on internet
  • Partnership with ITV for UK broadcasting rights
  • Broadcasting of the matches in HDTV
Whatever one can say of the man, he has shown that he is one innovative person in terms of branding and marketing his product. I am not sure whether he considers Bernie (F1 Supremo) as his guru but he sure looks like he is on the same highway as Mr. Ecclestone.

What will he do next year remains to be seen - re-auctions will happen and the stalwarts who are playing (Tendulkar, Kumble, Gilchrist and others) after their retirement from this format may not continue. From what I can see, the IPL will continue to expand and be played in many more venues than today - more countries will be covered. There will be more countries where cricket will be beamed, 2 IPLs in the same year was one thinking last year. He might be one reason why West Indies and New Zealand teams will see a revival, thanks to the financial backing.

What next, Mr. Modi?
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