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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Questions to ICC on test cricket

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The story doing circles around the cricketing world is centering around the decline of test cricket. The latest test in Sri Lanka saw the hosts score more than 600runs for 4 wickets in almost 2 days. India started their reply by scoring close to 100 in their short time before close. The pitches had nothing for batsmen, which will be reinforced by the Indians over the next few days (hopefully).

Does it help anyone's cause? Who is to be blamed for the match situation? What is ICC's stance on such a pitch? Once a team wins the toss and piles on the runs, they are not in a position to lose. Why so much emphasis on a single toss of coin?

When pitches are really bad for batsmen, history has seen the umpires take decisions to stop further cricket from being played. Why not on such a pitch which harms bowlers? Who will follow test cricket if future matches are also played on similar wickets? In the T20 era, is it not prudent for the ICC and the respective Boards to ensure that exciting cricket is played? What can be done to improve the quality of cricket? ICC Test Championship will help but how will you avoid such pitches from being prepared.

Can neutral venues help? The recent test series between Australia and Pakistan in English grounds was interesting enough to bring back memories of golden era of test cricket. Neutral venues will discourage the home teams to exploit their advantage of preparing pitches. Another option is for ICC to manage the groundsmen at all test-playing countries. They will be held responsible for the pitches and the quality of out-fields that are prepared.

There are talks of day-night test matches, pink balls being used. But will that solve the problem? Why not go back to uncovered pitches? Give more powers to the bowlers and prevent them from being extinct.

Is the ICC thinking? High time, it did. Or are they content with the moolah they are raking in ODI/T20 tournaments? Looks like.

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