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Monday, August 30, 2010

Pakistan and the Rest of the World

Pakistan Cricket Team under a cloud...Always Under a cloud
Why is that only the Pakistan cricket team gets caught in such situations where their players are caught in drug-trafficking or match-fixing or spot-fixing? Is it purely coincidental or is it because the players from other teams are more smarter (that they don't get caught) ?

For, a person (or a team in this case) is guilty only if proven. Even though nothing might come out of this allegation very clearly, there is enough room for suspicion. During the last series against Australia, the Pakistan team was under doubt. Many players were banned, fined by the Board, only to be recalled for the tour to England.

Just as the English tour, on which the bowlers had done well (they in fact, relished the conditions on offer), was ending, this new controversy had to erupt. Many questions arise from this latest incident. What is the PCB doing? Can they not clean up its act and bring everyone upto the book? Is there a bigger force in play, in the country, that is dictating these activities?

The youngsters are also not to be blamed. They can witness the euphoria of players less talented than them, across the border, becoming millionaires within no time, thanks to the IPL. For Pakistan, not only are they not able to play in IPL, thanks to the domestic situation at home, they are not having any similar tournaments being staged back home. Even an appearance against a ruling team is not possible, thanks to the non-interest by cricketing teams to tour Pakistan after the firing incident against the visiting Sri Lankans. The salary structure, I am sure, must be relatively lower than the other countries, with the exception of Bangladesh. In this environment, can the youngsters not fall prey to the lure of additional income? Very unlikely. This is the only explanation I can see for someone young and impressive as Mohammad Amir to fall prey to. This post is not to justify the doings of the young team but the conditions are there for all to see.

The ICC needs to get in and ban PCB till it cleans up its house. But, with Sharad Pawar heading the ICC now, any action against Pakistan will take on a very different political tone.
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