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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ashes series - 11 reasons why Oz lost at MCG

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 27:  Ricky Pon...Ugly CaptainThe Ashes is on its way to England after the hosts lost by an innings (again) and more at MCG. Hardly anything went right for the Oz team from the moment the coin was tossed. Here, we look at 11 reasons why they lost at MCG:
  1. Ricky Ponting - The captain should take the responsibility of losing the test match as well as the Ashes. First with his batting which is dismal at this moment (an average of 16 runs in 4 test matches is hardly Ponting-like) and then his captaincy which seems to be lacking the imagination required to conjure results from hopeless situations. Adding to these is his brawl with umpires that saw him argue with the best umpire in the world - his desperation showing up in a visible manner.
  2. Michael Clarke - The Deputy has a slightly better average than his captain (21+) and that is not saying much in his defense. The Pup needs to sort out his batting, especially against the short-pitched variety - he doesn't need to go far to do it. The new entrant into the Selection Committee - Greg Chappell - can do a great job.
  3. Phil Hughes - the opener wanted to do the role of a Virender Sehwag for Australia when chosen. The joke in twitverse is that he is doing the role of Suresh Raina - enough said!!!
  4. Shane Watson - Has been contributing steadily at the top of the order but guilty of throwing it away after scoring a fifty. His lack of bowling has handicapped the Oz further.
  5. Steven Smith - Was he chosen for his batting or bowling? The most surprising selection after that of Cameron White, he has been missing on the wickets column while adding few runs on the board (by the way, he has a higher average than Clarke and Ponting!!!)
  6. Michael Hussey - Mr.Cricket had his first set of failures in the series in this test match. The second highest run-scorer in the series, he has managed to salvage his reputation thanks to his scores in the first three test matches. Failures were bound to come but two in the same match was a bit too difficult to swallow.
  7. Brad Haddin - The other lower-order contributor for Australia in this series who has been shoring up the scores. His keeping has been steady for the Oz - maybe the right guy to take over the captaincy hat also.
  8. Mitchell Johnson - A six-wicket haul in Perth notwithstanding, his alter-ego appeared in MCG and continued the otherwise depressing performances in test match. One of the reasons why Australia struggles to take twenty wickets in a match.
  9. Ben Hilfenhaus - Another failure who has taken four wickets in three matches this series. An English-type bowler who has failed as bad as Johnson.
  10. Ryan Harris - Injured in the series and out of the 2011 ODI World Cup. Was doing a good job in supporting Siddle with his lion-hearted performances but faces an uncertain future now.
  11. Peter Siddle - The bowler who has looked like taking wickets for Australia - running in fast and doing his bit for the struggling team. The only bowler who looks capable of playing for a longer period.
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