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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

World Cup 2011 - Dhoni needs a warm-up

Mahendra Singh Dhoni at Adelaide Oval         Captain Cool
Kapil Dev in one of his interview mentioned that the toss could hurt the Indian team - there is so much truth in his statements given in the interview below:
Our strength is batting and I feel we should depend on that and have faith. Luck also plays a part...winning the toss in every match. It will be marginally difficult if we lose the toss and the rival team posts a huge total for us to chase a target of 300 or so. If we get to bat first and make 300 and odd runs, our bowlers could do the rest for us to win each match.

While Dhoni's overall record of win-loss is 78-48 (in all tests, ODIs, T20s), his toss record in the same set of matches is 68-74. Does he have a bad record with the toss? Overall, it does look so.

From the Science site, there is a reference to the toss of a coin and what impacts the result of a toss.
In the physics of coin tossing, the most important parameters are the coin's upward velocity and its rate of spin. When the spin rate is low, the coin acts like a thrown pizza. It's unlikely to turn over, even if it travels a long distance.
What this means that MS Dhoni needs some practice with not just the bat and gloves but also with the toss. This will definitely impact the matches that India play on surfaces that will act funny under lights. Since India are the hosts of the World Cup, he will be spinning the coins most often. Only in the first match against Bangladesh, he might be calling Sakib's toss. Hence, it is imperative that he practices the most in this area - for there is no backup here.

Another option is to ensure that Sehwag (designated vice-captain) is in good form with the toss and send him in place of himself.
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