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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oz Series - Comments on Indian team

The Indian team has been facing a hostile press Down Under but the press back home is not good to them as well.

India's ex-coach, Greg Chappell, writes in Hindu on the steps the Indian team needs to take and highlights the areas he had pointed out earlier
Personalities should not enter into it. Just pick the players who you think can do the job.
HINT - Drop VVS & Rahul Dravid and pick youngsters to replace them. 
Players will not respond to cajoling and threats from the coach alone.
HINT - Selection committee (as well as BCCI administrators) should also cajole and threat
fielding and fitness were two things that I identified nearly seven years ago that needed improvement. That it is still a problem is just not acceptable.
HINT - Younger players are the way to go forward

Greg agrees with the go-karting however - one that Sunil Gavaskar was not happy about.

Makarand Wingankar in the same paper, also points out different reasons that are contributing (as per him) to the ills of the Indian team.
newly married couples and whole lot of families with children on tour have certainly been a distraction
Makarand goes on to take a dig at the Master and his son
If he allows a son of a cricketer to practice with the team, he is not the Fletcher that we have heard of.
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