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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Did we learn anything from the NZ series?

Yes, the Indians won the series 2-0 - what else did you expect at home against a team that is ranked below West Indies? Never matter that the Indian team looked different and had batsmen like Sehwag, Gambhir and Sachin out of form. It also did not matter that the season was early and the team was coming after a surprisingly long break. There were more questions that popped up in one's mind rather than answers.

The reports all around say that the young team is good enough to take the team to the next few years. Do we have a choice? No. After the way we treated our seniors like Dravid and Laxman, these are desperate times. Someone has to play a part in the Indian saga. MS Dhoni is particular about his choices and he is clear that the roles should go to Suresh Raina (in tests) and Rohit Sharma (in ODIs). Looking at his record, maybe his demands are justified! But Raina does not share the same optimism - if he had, he would not have run out of his crease the way he did in the second innings. Kohli, on the other hand, can do no wrong, so far! Where does Badrinath go now? Is he still in the scheme of things?

Sachin will now rethink his options and see why he is following Rahul Dravid by getting bowled repeatedly - is it the same disease that made Dravid retire? If so, should Sachin follow his dear friend to the confines of the dressing room? There were many questions asked about Sehwag's position in the batting order - first question to be asked is whether he demands a position in the team at all!! Similarly, Gambhir's penchant to poke at the ball outside the off will make him easy target for the faster and better skilled bowlers. Is it the time to drop Gambhir from the T20 series so that he can make the necessary adjustments?

The bowling was good but Zaheer had no role to play at all! Umesh Yadav's progress is good but inconsistency is not - this series will make him relearn all the good moves he had made against Australia Down Under. Ojha and Ashwin will rule in India against England and Australia but they will be exposed on overseas pitches unless they make their game all-round. Ojha's armer is still missing and once included, will make him more lethal.

The team needs more weapons to compete against better sides like Australia and England, even Pakistan. How will the newcomers get a chance now? Will it be the ones on the 'A' tour who will be selected next? 
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