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Monday, April 29, 2013

IPL6 - Bowlers value

Looking at the bowlers just like we did the batsmen, I was trying to figure out which bowler is giving the best value to his team. In order to do so, we looked at the Top 25 bowlers again (in terms of wickets taken in this year's IPL) and evaluated their Averages, Economy and Strike rates.

 Average is not much of an issue in T20 matches (where the norm as seen is below 25 runs per wicket) while Economy rate is probably the best indicator of a bowler's utility value in this context (if a bowler gives less than 7 runs per over, he is deemed to have done a good job). The best value for money actually comes if the bowler takes a wicket (given by the strike rate), indirectly curbing runs scored (as Ravi Shastri would say, a dot ball in T20 cricket is like gold).

 Let us apply the formula to the bowlers and what do we have? Not much difference from the overall charts - Faulkner seems to be the wild-card for Rajasthan Royals (a five-wicket haul helping his cause) while spinners Narine and Mishra are doing pretty well.

Bravo and Vinay Kumar round off the top five at this time but it will be interesting to have a look at this table throughout the tournament for latest updates.

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