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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spot-fixing - Random thoughts

I do not have anything to say about the spot-fixing except that there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

While the television channels and journalists are speaking & writing away to glory about Srinivasan, there are few points that are still puzzling to me

  1. If Srinivasan gets into trouble because he is father-in-law to Gurunath, is Dhoni not to be troubled? After all, he is a Vice President at India Cements!
  2. Sreesanth had alleged that the slap-gate controversy was covered up. This 1-2 weeks before he was caught. 12th April was the date he mentioned this. Sreesanth was then arrested, as we all know, and in this article Neeraj Kumar (commissioner of Delhi Police) provided a detailed explanation of its investigation that began in early April. Was it after his allegation? Did Sree have any wind of what was coming?
  3. Why did I mention point #2? Because when he was arrested, his father blamed Harbhajan Singh and MS Dhoni for the arrest. Why of all people Harbhajan and Dhoni? 
  4. As soon as news of Sreesanth's arrest came out in the open, his brother-in-law alleges foul play and the reason he mentioned was to stop the wedding planned in September!! Why would a wedding get stalled if you were innocent?
Anyway, few points that I thought were not being covered as much as the others and I will leave it to you to fill the gaps.
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