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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Is StarSports the new Cricinfo?

For long, all of us have been used to logging into Cricinfo for information regarding cricket - scorecards, statistics and articles. I remember the days long ago when I used to check Cricinfo's text version through a UNIX shell to get information about an ongoing cricket match from an obscure office in Singapore! The system administrator used to walk around the floor like a headmaster scouting for mistakes from schoolboys. I would login to the UNIX system and have couple of windows open - one would be my work related stuff while the other would be a screen with scores from Cricinfo. Based on the location of the admin, I would hide the screen behind my work so that no one can notice anything. Thanks to Alt-Tab combination, it was easy to move from one screen to the other. Gone are the days now, when not only are internet speeds faster but companies are more liberal to the sites that one checks. Thank goodness!

I was surprised now to check the new version of Starsports.com recently. There were quite a few features that highlighted the difference between this one and the other - few of them being:
  • My most favourite one - video scorecard of matches that have been completed. Not just overall highlights that exist in YouTube but ones that show the fall of wickets and boundaries. This is what helps a cricket fan like me get quick insight about the progress of a match
  • Significant performance - This again shows the significance of few bowling spells like Mohit Sharma's recent one for Chennai SuperKings.
  • Statistics - A different view of stats that justify the selection of players in the match eleven - notice Vinay Kumar's performance and reason for his dropping
  • Opinions - This is like Cricinfo's section where articles from eminent personalities like Harsha Bhogle exist.
Though the focus of Starsports is restricted only to specific matches, it has made great strides to match the success of Cricinfo. Way to go, Star!

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