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Thursday, March 24, 2016

T20 World Cup - India pip Bangla thanks to MSD and Joginder Pandya

India had to win the match against Bangladesh to stay in the tournament but thhe team was distracted, it looked. A sub-par score on a small ground, dropped catches (three at that) were enough hints to suggest this but its captain was very much turned on in his strategic move.. In a repeat of his move to let Joginder bowl the last over in the inaugural T20I World Cup, he asked Hardik Pandya to bowl the last over here when less than a dozen was required with three batsmen remaining. Pandya held his cool and head after the hundred conferences to help India win the match. The finishing touch was provided by the captain himself (one-gloved 15v-metre runout to wrap the match and heave a huge sigh of relief for the time being).

Image Courtesy: www. espncricinfo.com

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