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Friday, December 29, 2006

Durban test after 3 days

What is going to happen? The cricket is poised interestingly with what I feel only two options remaining - an SAF Win or a Draw. Some interesting points to note:

  • Since readmission, Durban has seen 28 Test-match days where even 82 overs were not completed. So, the rain or bad-light (or even bad lighting) could help India. India has been at the receiving end so many times where the opposition has managed to escape because of nature’s interventions. Its time India got that luck now :)
  • SAF surrendered a Sydney Test by giving Australia less than 300 to get - 287 to be exact. So, they will be looking at a target of atleast 350 - which means they have to get another 200 runs, starting on Day 4. Their current run-rate is around 3.3 - that means they will require atleast 60 overs to get 200 runs (taking into the assumption - acceleration from the likes of Gibbs, Boucher; the Anil Kumble factor).
  • Sunny Gavaskar in his article says that there might be another 125 overs to be played, in this test match. This means that if the SAF use 60 overs to get their runs, the Indians will be given a target of 350 to achieve in say 75 overs on the last day.

All this can change with some quick wickets in the morning thanks to helpful overcast conditions or quick run-scoring in a clear sky. In the latter condition, Kumble and SRT can then start bowling some negative lines to stop the scoring. If its the former, Kumble can become the aggressor at one end and try to get SAF all out.

If SAF are all out, the pressure will be on India again - since they would have to bat more number of overs. This is assuming that SAF get to around 200 atleast. A 300 target is always difficult for the current Indian team to chase and the draw would be the best option.

Lets see what turns out today. All the Best to the Indian team.

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