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Sunday, April 18, 2010

IPL3 in UK

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I had the privilege of seeing the IPL3 in UK for the last 4-5 days both on ITV as well as Youtube and I was surprised pleasantly. Why?
  • The ads in the ITV version of IPL3 are very minimal. The ads appear mostly during the Strategic Time-outs. There are no ads between balls or overs that we typically see in India. Maybe, that is the reason why the ones outside India are not able to realize what is the big deal of the ads that we all keep harping about!!! So, the next question then - how is ITV making money out of the deal?
  • The matches are being seen by ones who are not so addictive to cricket in the first place. This is interesting because it is attracting more people to view the sport at home. The fact that everyone is able to watch it without buying any additional equipment (since ITV is free to air), must be really great for all cricket followers. Of course, my sample size is quite small but nevertheless, the attention that IPL has brought to Indians in UK is amazing.
  • Youtube also has minimal ads on its page. Just one sponsor - a small-time mobile company which is trying to lure Indians to buy their mobile cards.
  • Mandira Bedi was supposed to be part of the commentary panel, based on some reports that I had read earlier. No longer. I can see some guy hosting the show with commentary by Mark Butcher, Greame Hick and Ronnie Irani.
Of course, the mainstream TV as well as newspapers do not talk much about IPL but definitely the tournament has made a mark in the Lords of Cricket. It is time the English Board gets on to the IPL bandwagon in full spirit.
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