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Sunday, April 18, 2010

IPL - Incorporate from F1

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The Formula-One Racing has been expanding every year and I am sure Mr. Lalit Modi must be checking out how he will bring on IPL in the same way.

Some suggestions from my side to LKM
  • Hook up the teams with radio to the coach in the dug-out. This will make the comments made by various teams transparent to the viewers as well as ensure match-fixing is controlled
  • Warm-up. Let both teams use the pitch before the match for an over each so that they have an idea of how the pitch plays and choose their team accordingly.
  • Take the matches to be played at overseas locations. Let teams pick their home-ground (even if it is outside the sub-continent - of course, LKM can give them a list to choose from). Let each team host the other nine teams at one go & the jamboree continues in each location.
  • Do not allow rain-breaks disturb the match. In fact, there has not been much of an interference this season but would like players to continue the match even in rain!!!
Of course, some of these might just remain on this blog but who cares. What do you think IPL should 'borrow' from F1.
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