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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Greatest ODI Match of All-time

Along with the earlier mentioned competition of selecting the Greatest ODI team of All-time, there is another competition from ICC to select the greatest ODI match of all-time.

The World Cup finals of 1975, 1983 are included while the Australasia Cup final (when Miandad won by hitting the six of the final ball) is also present. Other matches include the one when Gibbs dropped the World Cup (South Africa vs Australia tied match) as well as the high-scoring game when South Africa chased down a 400+ total vs Australia. Bangladesh's upset win over Australia in England has a mention.

From my view-point (Biased you might think), it is the 1983 World Cup final that is the best match of all-time for various reasons:
a) West Indies was the ruling team in the 1980s till the World Cup and their performance in ODIs was good to make them the favorites to win the third successive Cup.
b) India had not won anything in note in the first 2 World Cups and were not expected to anything worth-while.
c) India defeated the West Indies after scoring a low score of 183 - defending it with great vigor. No one would have predicted the Indian victory after the first innings was completed.
d) It was a neutral venue thereby not having any home advantage to the Indians. It can be argued that even for the Windies it was a netural one (but they had more supporters on the ground)

Do you agree with my choice? What is your favorite ODI match?
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