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Monday, January 10, 2011

IPL4 - IPL becomes Indian again

It must have one hell of a weekend for all team owners that ended last night. The amount of money (even notionally) that they had to spend must have exhausted them physically and mentally. The team analysis has been done by various websites - Cricinfo has their analysis as well.

An interactive chart of the list of players selected can be accessed here. Google provides a good way to help users create their own analysis.

The chart shows the split of players selected by the franchises in the different specialities (batsmen, bowler, wicket-keeper, all-rounder, etc). Very surprising points come up here:

  • Deccan Chargers and RCB dont have any all-rounders selected so far
  • Rajasthan Royals dont have a designated wicket-keeper !!
  • CSK and Kings XI are the ones who have spent a considerable amount on wicket-keepers (Dhoni and Sangakkara being the ones involved - no wonder)
  • KKR, Pune and RCB have stacked their teams with batsmen
  • Deccan Chargers have spent the most on bowlers
  • Indian players are in demand...finally
The remaining players to be picked become crucial now - no wonder Dr.Mallya is all worried about them.

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