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Friday, January 07, 2011

SA Series - Contribution from the two teams

After the series came to an end yesterday, after a tussle between the Top two ranked teams in the World, the statistics showed that Kallis and Tendulkar came on top of the statistics on the batting side. In place of just the averages and total runs scored by the team during the series, I tried to go in a different mode.

The main basis of this analysis was based on a batsman's score vis-a-vis the result of the match. If a century helps the team win a match, that has much more value than a similar century that was scored in a drawn match or a lost cause. So, I gave weightage (let us call it contrib-wt) to the runs scored based on the results of the match. A lost match would get 1 contrib-wt while a match won would result in 4 contrib-wt. Similarly, a drawn match would mean that both teams would get 2.5 contrib-wt each.

If one looks at the Indian batting, there is a change in the leader who has contributed more. No prizes for guessing who!!! Sachin Tendulkar has slipped down because of the fact that his centuries came in test matches that was not won by India. VVS jumps up because of the same reason. Gambhir has done well and as mentioned earlier, matured as a great player in this series. Sehwag and MS Dhoni have almost equal contributions in the series, though one might feel that Viru could have done better. The worry would be that of Rahul Dravid who has slipped below everyone else - the Wall will make a comeback but will everyone have the same patience?

The South African chart is more in line with the numbers published. Kallis is a clear leader followed by Amla & AB De Viliers. The centuries the three of them scored in the first test has helped them jump the charts. Smith and Prince would feel bad that they are below in the charts as compared to Peterson. Smith was done in by Zaheer Khan mostly while Prince didnt flourish in the few chances he got.

What do you think of these charts? Do you agree?

Pity I couldnt do the same analysis with the bowling. Can you let me know if you have any ideas?

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