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Saturday, February 12, 2011

World Cup 2011 - India's chances of a 83 repeat

India will go in to this World Cup as one of the overwhelming favorites to win - not something that has happened regularly in the history of the Cup. The fact that it is happening at their backyard is another boost to the team that will, I feel, relish playing with the crowd support.

More reasons why I feel India has a good chance -

  1. All the team members are determined to do well for the sake of their favorite Paaji in the dressing room. Sachin Tendulkar is playing his sixth and last World Cup (there is no guarantee that this is the last but looks like the realistic option) - he has mentioned earlier that the Cup win is one that is not on his illustrious CV. 
  2. With respect to the team, whatever questions MS Dhoni might have had, were answered during the South Africa tour. The team looks very settled even though it has been sometime since they played with a full-strength team.
  3. The groupings for India seems to be comfortable with the match against Bangladesh key to move forward to the next stage (even if they lose all the other matches against the other test-playing conditions) - they will definitely move past their last Cup performance.
  4. The experts believe that India can win - most of the ex-captains have reiterated that India has the potential to win the Cup.
  5. Gary Kirsten and MS Dhoni have the potential (and history) to come up with innovations that they will unleash on the other teams during this tourney.
  6. Based on the history of previous Cups held in the sub-continent, the Indian team have the best openers among all the teams, a lineup of spinners that can strangle the opposition - all pointers to potential success.
  7. 3 of the 11 hard-hitting batsmen in this tournament to watch, are from the Indian team - the brute along with the brains of SRT and MSD is definitely a potential to reckon with.
  8. A good strategy for the PowerPlay as well as the usage of Yusuf Pathan would be key to India's success.
  9. The current Indian team has the best overall experience in ODIs compared to the other teams playing in this tournament. This will prove crucial at junctures when composure and temperament comes into play. 
  10. The crowd will play as the twelfth man in all Indian matches - this will be more than enough to demoralize the opposition.
MS Dhoni needs to work on his toss however - barring that, I feel the Indians are prepared to do their best after 28 years. What do you think? 

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